Tropic Paradies

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the tiny tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean has had a number of different names during its long history: the Greek called it Taprobane, the Arabs Serendip; the first colonial masters, the Portuguese called it Ceilao and the English Ceylon. Today, its inhabitants proudly call it Sri Lanka, the shining island.

With 65,610 square km slightly smaller than Ireland, Sri Lanka incorporates everything one expects from a tropical paradise within a relatively small area: Beautiful, palm-fringed beaches, lush vegetation, rice-fields in ever changing shades of green, millennia-old cultural sites, mystic temples, friendly people, Asian hospitality, and, and, and.

There is a good reason Marco Polo called Sri Lanka the „most beautiful island of its size“. Those who have visited this enchanting country will never forget it.

Sri Lanka is located 700 km north of the equator; it stretches out to approx. 400 km from North to South and 220 km from East to West. The average temperature on the coast is around 30°C, in the central highland at approx. 2,000-metre height at 16°C.