Ayurveda Paragon Hotel Sri Lanka - Our daily and half day excursions

Half Day Excursions

City Tour Galle

This lively, historical city is only about 7 kilometers away from Talpe. The unique blend of modern Asia and European colonial past gives this town its very distinctive character. Only few of the 300,000 inhabitants live in the historic Fort, the famous World Heritage Site. We visit the fortress, a small museum and walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town. Besides the fruit, vegetable and fish market, there is a multitude of works of local artists to see. The trip will conclude with tea in a famous colonial hotel, where you can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of this historical building.

Koggala Lake

Not far from the hotel, but far enough to almost leave the sound of the Indian Ocean behind, is Koggala Lake. Nestled in lush green, it captivates with its beauty, tranquility and its considerable size. We explore the lake and its flora and fauna in a traditional catamaran, quietly gliding over the water. The first stop will be a temple island, where a few monks residing in seclusion. The second stop is a cinnamon island. Here you can admire the traditional production of cinnamon. Going back with the catamaran, the final stop includes a tour to a spice and herb garden, where you will be able to purchase special essential oils, herbs, spices, teas and more.


On the way to the small university town of Matara, we pass by the famous stilt fishermen. They sit for hours on uncomfortable stilts, just to take a few small fish back home. For the local fishermen an everyday occurrence - for us hard to imagine ... Our journey leads us further along the coast until we reach our destination in the South: The commercial hub and university city of Matara.Besides the city we will visit a 42m high Buddha statue and the subterranean temple.

Weligama Market Tour

Kushtaraja Weligama, a beautiful ancient city and birthplace of arts and bobbin lace. On Friday morning we will start with the visit of Weligama´s colorful, lively weekly market. Our sightseeing tour continues through town to a carved stone figure, the Kushtaraja (Sri Lankans king or Bodhisatwa). From there we will walk to one of the many small, old temples. Our journey takes us through the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka. Rice fields and a rich bird life will surely delight your senses.

Tea Factory Tour

Ceylon, the old name of Sri Lanka, is especially among tea drinkers still well known. For connoisseurs and lovers this trip is a "must". On the way into the inland we pass rice fields, water buffaloes and cranes. Once in the Tea Factory, learn farming and processing of the world famous Ceylon teas and of course, you will be invited to a tasting.The special feature of this complex is the nature-loving design. In addition you can experience the manufacture of natural rubber, another well-known export of the country.

Tempel Tour

Learn about typical temples and spiritual places all around Galle. We visit shrines of different religions, but mainly Buddhist temples. Be inspired and see how religion and spirituality are anchored in everyday life in Sri Lanka.